Beer house with unique atmosphere
in the centre of Žilina

Lunch menu

Monday | 04.03.2024

Creamy celery with croutons 1.7
Traditional strong meat broth with vegetables and noodles 1,3,9
1. Grilled spearfish on leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cranberries, garlic pizza stick 1.7
6.80 €
for delivery 7.80 €
2. Baked chicken steak with tomato and mozzarella, potato chips, steamed rice 1.7
7.00 €
for delivery 8.00 €
3. Beef pieces on green pepper, taroňa
7.40 €
for delivery 8.40 €
4. Gnocchi in creamy curry with chicken pieces and leeks 1,3,7
6.90 €
for delivery 7.90 €
5. Roasted pork knuckle on cabbage strips with fried Vienna onion 1,3,7
7.90 €
for delivery 8.90 €
6. Fried HOKI with a slice of lemon, mashed potatoes, chalamada 3,4,8
7.30 €
for delivery 8.30 €

Quality food

Poctivé jedlo
Great cuisine with traditional recipes from our ancestors. We embrace freshness of ingredients and traditional cooking process. Our professional service also adds to the feeling of uniqueness.

Tank beer

Poctivé jedlo
Our master tapmen draft the excellent Velkopopovický Kozel 11% directly from the tanks, always with foam as thick as cream.

Unique atmosphere

Poctivé jedlo
A majestic statue of the Kozel, unconventional tables with metal hooves and other details. All these elements combined with wood, leather and metal create a pleasant and unforgettable atmosphere in our Kozlovna.